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BLACK LIVES MATTER Fundraiser | Signature Series Infinity Scarf


My life matters to me. My family’s lives matter to me. My friend’s lives matter to me. Your life matters to me. My ancestors’ lives matter to me, which means that BLACK LIVES MATTER. I want to support those who are doing what I’m unable to do - protesting for the death of George Floyd and my other brothers and sisters who’ve died at the hands of a police officer. My goal is to contribute at least $500 to BLACK LIVES MATTER. Proceeds from this purchase will help to support their administrative efforts.

Allies & non-black people, my suggestion is that you figure out how to hold racists accountable for their actions against black people. Be our real friends - not just someone who appropriates our humanity. Support us and give us time to heal and grieve our 400 years of systematic loss, death, and pain. We can’t fight this battle AND grieve - it’s too much on our spirits. We cannot continue to do the emotional labor anymore - our health is being compromised, which means that our physical, spiritual, and brain health are now at stake. America has lost too many unnecessary lives at the hands of rogue cops, racist legislators, and bigoted public leaders who have benefited from hatred. Work together to stop this hatred by donating now.