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Aries Collection (March 21st - April 20th)

ARIES | Signature Series Twisted Headband

Born under the sign of the honeysuckle. 
Sweet to the senses of others. 
Naturally enticing the world with your charm and grace. 
Possessing an unbothered confidence that equally attracts business partners & friends. 
You find solutions to problems with style.
Like a moth to a flame, the world cannot resist your energy.
You are first, a natural leader, assertive, strong, & determined, weaving your way through any challenge.
You are clever in finding innovative solutions.
Courage, blood, & fire. Wear red every Tuesday. 
Your motto is "I am."

Be you, Aries. Be FIERCE. 


Sustainable | Luxurious | Handmade | @FierceStitch