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So, let’s sing together.  Let's improve the silence and make music.  Let's collaborate and do a show.  Let's discuss the arts and its place in our beautiful world.  Let's get creative and make something that will last a lifetime.

Let’s go out salsa dancing.  Let's spread some cheer.  Let's start a business.  Let's strategize.  Let’s discuss the arts.  Let's host a talkback session.  Let’s collaborate on an art project.  Let's get some coffee.  Let's take the dogs for a walk & chat. Let's collect some stamps in our passports.  Let’s create something bigger than the both of us.  Let’s figure out how we can make the world better than how we arrived.

More than anything else, Let's heal our wounds by crocheting.  Let's thrive as artists & creative entrepreneurs - open mind, open heart, open spirit!