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LIBRA | Signature Series Dog Sweater

The symbol of Libra is the scales and this captures perfectly their love of justice and fairness. Just like the Scales of Justice, Libra likes to weigh everything up fairly and objectively to make sure that they do best for everyone. They love to sail through life on an even keel and will do absolutely anything to avoid conflict! The sign of partnership, Libra is looking for that special companion to spend their life with. They hate being alone and are at their happiest when in a peaceful partnership where their strengths and weaknesses are perfectly complemented by that special someone.
  • Designed with a hypoallergenic blend of premium acrylic & polyester fibers
  • Hand wash with lukewarm water (no bleach).
  • Lay flat to air dry. 

Sustainable | Luxurious | Handmade | @FierceStitch