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LIBRA | Signature Series Twisted Headband

Adored by everyone you meet. 
Peace. Justice. Love. Passion.
You seek to expose the truth in all things. 
You see hidden meanings and expose the underlying evidence for what it is. 
Classic beauty is your thing.  
You surround yourself with beautiful things. 
Philosophy, poetry, and art draw you in. 
You do not tolerate injustice or cruelty. 
Your happiest moments are with friends and family.
Spend more time in nature.
Perfectionist. Society. Theater.
Wear pink & blue.
Your motto is “I weigh.”


Be you, Libra. Be FIERCE. 

  • Designed with a hypoallergenic blend of premium acrylic & polyester fibers
  • Hand wash with lukewarm water (no bleach).
  • Lay flat to air dry. 

Sustainable | Luxurious | Handmade | @FierceStitch