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CAPRICORN | Signature Series Infinity Scarf

Capricorn is all about dedication and hard work. Driven by their ambition to succeed, they will happily put in long hours at the office every day (even including weekends!) as they know that this is a tried and tested route to the top. As a cardinal sign, Capricorn is quite traditional in how they define success, and they’d rather play it safe over the long term rather than take big risks on the slim chance of achieving overnight success – this is far too risky for them! Capricorn takes deep satisfaction in becoming a master of their profession and will happily put in the 10,000+ hours needed to become a true expert in their chosen discipline.

Think of the infinity scarf as an endless loop of fashionable bliss. It is trendy, sophisticated, super stylish, and versatile for any wardrobe. Our Signature Infinity Scarf is much like a traditional scarf but with no ends – it can be looped around the neck once, twice, or multiple times! Having one loop of scarf rather than two ends gives a clean look and removes the confusion of what to do with those scarf tails!



  • Measurements are approximately 66 inches (168 cm) in diameter, 11 inches (28 cm) wide!
  • Hypo-allergenic: made from 98% acrylic and 2% polyester.
  • Machine wash in cold water (no bleach) - ay flat to air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

All designs are created in a smoke-free and pet-free environment. Once your design has been created, it is immediately laundered, sealed in an air-tight storage bag, and stored until it’s time to be shipped to its new owner!


Sustainable | Luxurious | Handmade